Roleplay United

Clan Type

Roleplay Life


1 month, 2 days

Most Members



Paxton Green

Game(s) Used

Grand Theft Auto IV


Back in the Saddle AgainEdit

After a failed relationship with Harley Gentry, Paxton Green quickly left City Simulator and with some friends such as Derek Bethel and Nick Hall, formed a very official looking Roleplay United. Taking elements from Roleplay Edge, this roleplay was run with a President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary of State. In February of 2010, Roleplay United hosted it's first game with only 3 of 5 members attending. With Paxton Green cutting off communication with Harley Gentry, the roleplay seemed to go much better, and continued quite normally until late March of 2010, where hints of a Roleplay War led by Paxton Green to spice things up surfaced. However, before this could take place, a large number of brand new members joined, along with two foriegners, Jaime Doran of England, and another player of Scotland. With this change, Roleplay United became Roleplay International United, even adopting a secondary currency (pounds) for the English player.