Murphy's Law: CircumventedEdit

From its inception, the second largest standing roleplay life, the First Roleplay International United, was a subject of its own embattled entropy—entrenched in a unending struggle against internal tumult. The Secretary of State from Roleplay United renounced its formation and retired from roleplay completely; the Treasurer, Ryan Cipriano, was impeached and subsequently removed from office as a result of his own incompetence and inability properly manage member's financial records. The use of the British Pound was discontinued, regardless of a member's nationality; and while the membership status of English player Jamie Doran was unaffected, this decision did result in the loss of one Scottish member. As a result of the Roleplay International United's early administrative anarchy, President Green eliminated the positions of Secretary of State and Treasurer. Despite these early troubles, membership continued to grow, eventually peaking at an impressive 22 active players. Sessions were held constantly; and it was at this time that President Green decided to introduce the innovative and unfathomably influential Roleplay War.

A Tumultuous ParadiseEdit

Everything seemed to be going perfect, at least much better than the rival City Simulator run by Harley Gentry. President Paxton Green struggled through a period of chaotic players that were all banned, bringing membership to 17. Shortly thereafter, a new member, Kaleb, was able to exploit the turbulence within the organization's ranks and garnered the support of a band of dissidents. Soon enough, the insurgent's tirade of antagonism and egregious harassment—which regularly targeted President Paxton Green—provoked a swift display of justice. Kaleb and his cohorts were expelled from the organization, bringing membership down to an all-time low of 15. A period of stability was precipitated by the merger of Roleplay War and Roleplay International United in the Spring of 2010; and the clan continued to remain on good terms until the Summer.

Summer HeatEdit

The rising temperature gave way to a rise in tension among clan members. Despite President Green's efforts, the installation of Roleplay International United's new reward system—through which members could earn an assortment of extravagant prizes through the completion of dynamic challenges—failed to unite the clan. A growing atmosphere of disillusionment bred group factionalism; a majority of members had become transfixed with Roleplay War, which left Roleplay International United, its supporters, and President Green by the wayside. Green's frustration with the member's waning interests grew to indelible heights. The unexpected culmination of midsummer contention occurred one night, when President Green vowed that he was "just done with roleplay and (didn't) want to run one ever again." Immediately following, a disheartened Green unceremoniously abdicated his Presidential position and announced that the cumbersome albatross of roleplay responsibilities will be entrusted to his successor, Henry Ayles. Green hoped that maybe, just maybe, the inexperienced Ayles would yield a new common ground—a foundation upon which the factions of Roleplay International United would erect a bridge of harmonious cooperation.