Murphy's Law: DefeatedEdit

The second largest standing roleplay life, the first generation of Roleplay International United, got off to a rocky start. The Secretary of State from Roleplay United annonced they were done with roleplay, the Treasurer, Ryan Cipriano, was removed from his position for innability to keep records of player money. The Pound was removed from currency even though English player Jamie Doran stayed, yet the Scottish player left. As a result, the positions of Secratary of State and Treasurer were removed. Yet membership grew to a then whopping 22 players and games were held constantly. At this time, Roleplay War was finally introduced.

Chaos in ParadiseEdit

Everything seemed to be going perfect, at least much better than the rival City Simulator run by Harley Gentry. President Paxton Green struggled thorugh a brief period of chaotic players that were all banned, bringing membership to 17. It grew a new member, Kaleb, who gained a sort of team of bullies. Kaleb and these players constantly harrassed and bullied Paxton Green, and they too were banned, bringing membership down yet again to 15. Fianlly, things seemed to level out as Roleplay War became intertwined with Roleplay International United. The clan continued on good until the beginning of Summer 2010.


As the weather got warmer, so did debates in the clan. Many were becoming entirely focused on Roleplay War and bored with Roleplay International United, despite new challenges for outrageous prizes. On one particular night, Paxton Green vowed that he was "just done with roleplay and (didn't) want to run one ever again". He threw responsibility for Roleplay International United and Roleplay War to Henry Ayles.

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