Roleplay Edge

Clan Type

Roleplay Life


2 months, 22 days

Most Members



Paxton Green

Game(s) Used

Grand Theft Auto IV


The Long and Failed ExpiramentEdit

Roleplay Edge emerged from the ruins of Liberty City Roleplay in 2009. It was run only by Paxton Green and was supposed to be a radical new approach to roleplay on Grand Theft Auto IV. It employed new gameplay elements such as scenarios, player bank accounts, and career training for things like Emergency Services. It was widely enjoyed by the members that were Paxton Green's friends, despite the heavy ban rate. Roleplay Edge was hardened by the events of Liberty City Roleplay, a complete dictatorship in which members had no say in the fate of the clan. Roleplay Edge was going strong when it celebrated the New Year of 2010 with a large party. Shortly after the new year, Paxton Green and Harley Gentry butted heads again on several issues concerning Harley Gentry's brand new clan City Simulator. To continue to be different and offer good competition with City Simulator, Paxton Green enticed members of Harley Gentry's clan to join Roleplay Edge with special prize winning events like races and a Capitalist society in which players did not have to rank up like City Simulator; they earned money to spend on things like buisnesses. Soon, every non-public or government area was available for purchase, along with vehicles. Eventually, Roleplay Edge announced a change to hyper-realism, in which the game became nearly unplayable due to the player need to eat, sleep, etc. As players rapidly began to leave the clan, Paxton Green shut down Roleplay Edge and joined Harley Gentry's City Simulator.