Liberty City Roleplay

Clan Type

Roleplay Life


8 days

Most Members



Unknown, Unknown, Paxton Green

Game(s) Used

Grand Theft Auto IV


"The Pheonix" of RoleplaysEdit

Liberty City Roleplay was the very first roleplay in which Paxton Green had a leadership position, along with two other previous members of the roleplay clan run by Harley Gentry. Paxton Green and the two other leaders left Harley Gentry's Roleplay Life in an outrage that it was merging with LCES, a seperately run clan that was based on Police work. Liberty City Roleplay was to be run in "Trifecta" form, in which Paxton Green and the other two leaders consulted and voted together. This was started overnight and soon began to grow.

Setting Up the ClanEdit

One of the other leaders of the newly formed Liberty City Roleplay took information such as Clan Rules and Police Codes from Harley Gentry's created website to use in Liberty City Roleplay. This act outraged Harley Genrty as he attempted to coax the three defects back into Roleplay Life. They instead responded with outcries similar to those of Harley's remaining clan members. These arguments largely consisted of rules, gametimes, and the merge into LCES. As Liberty City Roleplay set up it's website run by Paxton Green, an estimated 80% of Roleplay Life joined Liberty City Roleplay in a massive rebellion. As a result LCES soon infromed Harley Gentry that they would no longer be interested in a merge. Harley Gentry then banned all of his remaining members and quit running Roleplay Life.

The Short Life, and Death, of Liberty City RoleplayEdit

While membership grew to a peak of 7 in two days, Liberty City Roleplay held it's first game sometime in 2009. Within the first game, one of the leaders caused massive trouble when they were supposed to be a Police Officer, causing the other leader and Paxton Green to distrust him. The first game was thrown into utter chaos and two members were instantly banned, pushing the membership down to only 5. In an effort to strengthen the bond between leaders, Paxton Green suggested opening the website to the other two leaders. They were to share a common, randomly generated password; "hatchet". Ironically, this act would be the hatchet that brutally murdered the infant roleplay. Only two days after the clan's second game, Liberty City Roleplay's website was ruined, with all information deleted and immature comments about Harley Gentry posted on the website. Paxton Green was outraged at this and contacted Harley Gentry, believing him to be responsible, yet realizing that he did not have the capability to hack a website. Noticing that it had to be one of the two leaders, Paxton Green confronted both of them seperately. One leader blamed the leader that had caused trouble the first game. Shortly after his accusation, the trouble causing leader left, leaving Liberty City Roleplay to be run by a pair. Yet in another twist, during a third game argument, the remaining leader told Paxton Green how fed up he was with Liberty City Roleplay mimicing Roleplay Life, admitted it was actually he that messed with the site, and quit. At this point Paxton Green was upset and decided to close down Liberty City Roleplay. He then discovered that Harley Gentry was not in a clan, and realized he would rather not play with him again anyway.